• CLOSURE WIG: A closure is a lace material with knotted hair strands to imitate hair growing from your scalp. Unlike the u-part wig, a closure wig is closed at the top using a closure. A closure usually measures 4x4 or 5x5 inches. This wig is highly recommended for first timers because it is very low maintenance.

    • FRONTAL WIG: A frontal is a bigger version of a closure that runs from ear to ear. A frontal usually measures 13x4 or 13x6 inches. A frontal wig creates the illusion of a hairline for the client. This wig is ideal for clients with receding hairline or thinning edges.

    • GLUELESS/ ELASTIC BAND METHOD: The glueless or elastic band frontal method secures the sides of the frontal to the wig cap or an elastic band for a firm fit. The sides of the frontal go back at an angle behind the ears. This method may have some of the wearers hair peeking out on the sides (e.g. sideburns or baby hairs) however, it can be blended seamlessly with the wig.

    • GLUE/GEL/TAPE WIG METHOD: The glue/gel/tape frontal method leaves flaps of the frontal on each side of the ear that can be taped, gelled or glued down to give the illusion of side burns. This method can cover 100% of your hairline.

    • LOB: an acronym for Long Bob which measures between 12-16 inches in length.