Q: Can I request for pick up if I live in the same city?

A: NO; all wigs will be shipped to the clients address regardless of your location

Q: Can I come in to get my head measured?

A: NO; kindly refer to the CHART SECTION for more information on how to measure your head.

Q: How are your wigs made?

A: TNC wigs are MACHINE SEWN to give a flawless finish.

Q: Do you make U-part wigs?

A: This service is currently NOT available on the website. Please send us an email if you require this service.

Q: Why does my wig not look like it does on her?

A: Physical structure differs therefore the same unit can look different on two people. A 22” unit will be longer on a short person than a taller person; a bob will be shorter on a person with a longer neckline than a person with a shorter neckline; a frontal unit will look different on a person with thin hairline and a large forehead space than a person with thicker hairline and less forehead space. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PUT YOUR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN CHOOSING A WIG STYLE. Do not be afraid to play with your TNC unit. You can layer, trim, cut or pluck more to achieve your desired personal preference.

Q: Do you provide tracking number once my order is shipped?

A: YES; all clients will receive a tracking number once the shipping label is printed.

Q: How long does it take for my order to be completed?

A: Please give up to 4 weeks from when your order is placed to when it is completed. Public holidays, unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies, illness, disruptive weather, etc. will lead to a delay in services; client will be updated in the event that any of this happens. Turnaround time does not include shipping duration.

Q: How long is shipping?

A: Please refer to the CUSTOMER SERVICE section for shipping information.

Q: Will my colored unit bleed?

A: Certain colors will fade over time or rinse out some color when washed such as reds. Please avoid wearing wet colored units especially on light colored clothing. While we do our best to use good quality products, TNC will not be liable for any damages caused to personal effects from hair color.

Q: Do TNC units shed or tangle?

A: Clients may experience very minimal shedding because the wefts have been cut. TNC units do not tangle however the curly textures may experience some tangling as expected if not properly taken care of.

Q: What style would you recommend?

A: Clients are encouraged to do their research and find out what type of wig style fits them the most. It is important to put into consideration your hairline, facial shape and structure when choosing a style. Going with trends do not always yield the best result. FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. TNC will not be held liable for any style that is not flattering to the clients’ features.

Q: How long will it take to place a rush order?

A: TNC DOES NOT PROVIDE RUSH ORDERS. Any order finished much earlier than the production time will be shipped out immediately however, we do not guarantee your order will be completed before the turnaround time.

Q: Do you cut the wefts?

A: YES! Hair wefts will be cut during the production of the units.

Q: What cap is used to construct the wigs?

A: Breathable wig caps with adjustable straps are used for all wigs. The cap style could be mesh or ventilated at the discretion of the wigologist.

Q: Can I ship my hair to you directly from the vendor?

A: YES! TNC offers wig making service called Provide Your Tresses (P.Y.T)

Q: How many bundles do you use for a wig?

A: All wigs packages displayed are made using 2-4 bundles depending on the length, thickness or clients preference. Please use the EXTRA BUNDLE option if you prefer having more bundles of hair.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes; TNC ships worldwide!